CEO Message

More than 5 decades of experience in the market, our group of companies such as Art Fashion LLC, SIZI Groups, Mushtaq Ahmed Company LLC, etc. has become a breath of fresh air and a driving force for the industry with both its innovative perspective and quality policies.

Since the first day of our establishment, we interfuse all of our excitement into the fabrics and reflect the spirit of this excitement within our products which we offer as ready-made clothing.

I would like to thank all of my friends who we have worked together and shared the same excitement since the establishment of the company. Indeed, we have our teammates to thank who have been working with the same excitement, for the spectacular feedback from our wider range of customers. We do not just meet the expectations of our customers, but we are also pleased to offer solutions that can satisfy their needs.

The greatest supporters of our company up to this point have been our employees and our partners who we have proceeded and worked with As the Founder and CEO of Art Fashion, I see our success target as quality at all times and also innovative perspective. I would like to express my thanks to everyone who kept sharing this passion with us.


About Art Fashion

The enchanting land of Morocco full of wonders is a country rich in terms of history, traditions, culture, religion and geography. The dress code is one of the many aspects that have been influenced by this diverse cultural heritage. Typically, Moroccans continue wearing the traditional clothing of their predecessors without extensive variation or influence from the Western fashion.

Traditional clothing for women in Morocco consists of long flowing robes with hoods or headscarves and traditional slippers, made out of harmonious colours and luxurious fabrics, these magnificent costumes have been cultivated since the ancient times of Moroccan history, and still are a part of the living tradition of the country today.


  • Shop No. 6,
    Mohammad Bin Haiyai Al Mansoori Building,
    Ground Floor, Khalidiya 1st Street,
    Opposite to Grand Store,
    Abu Dhabi - UAE.

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